Race Day: 15TH DEC, 2024
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Sunmbul Rahman 

Sunmbul Rahman – is a Boston Marathon Qualifier.

She ran the Chicago Marathon last year, and this year she completed the London, Berlin and New York Marathon. Sunmbul  hopes to be a 6 Star WMM finisher by 2025.

She completed her first half marathon in 2015. Today she boasts of podium finishes in events like Tata TSK 25 , NEB Sports Kolkata Marathon, Kolkata Police SDSL , Pinkathon and SBI Green Marathon, to name a few! She is also the winner of Jaisalmer Border run, a gruelling 50 Km race testing human endurance.

She brandishes impressive PBs for 10K @ 0:46:50 , Half Marathon @ 01:44:12, Full Marathon @ 03:39:18

Sunmbul is a multi-faceted personality. She is a mother, an entrepreneur, a runner, trekker and a fitness enthusiast raising two lovely daughters and making a successful career in the Food and Beverage Industry.

She is also an avid mountaineer. Apart from reaching the Everest Base Camp, she has also summited 6000m+ peaks like Stok Kangri – (the highest peak in the Stok Range of The Himalayas), Kang Yatse II and DzoJongo, UT Kangri.

She enjoys contributing to charities & fundraising whereby she combines her passion with social responsibility and philanthropy. 
She has gained a lot of strength, confidence and courage with the support of her running group called Kolkata Road Runners, who have supported her through her journey.

She chooses to pace in this edition of the Tata TSK run so she can empower women and make them realise that women can achieve any goals that they set for themselves. It is her endeavour to be a role model to other female marathon runners in the city.  
She believes that there are no shortcuts to the top. Hard work and perseverance is the secret behind her moral fibre and happiness.

Kolkata is truly a city of joy and she is looking forward to running the iconic route which is rich in heritage and culture.

Join her as she runs the 10km / 55 mins bus at the Tata TSK 2022 edition.