Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022

Vinisha Bhatia


No matter how much you’d want to, you cannot run away from the day to day tensions, struggles of responsibilities and our burdened lives, so you’d rather JUST GO FOR A RUN. Without realising, you’ll magically forget all your worries – because you will constantly be thinking about your breath, your stride, your knees, your timing – and that, my friends is meditative.

Meditation doesn’t have to be about sitting in one place with your hands and feet folded but more about having control over your mind and thought. That’s what running helped me achieve. A rough day, a bad breakup, a heated conversation or an upcoming important meeting – Nothing a “few” thousands of steps haven’t helped me get through.

Hi, I’m Vinisha Bhatia, a runner a marathoner and an ultran. I’m a mother of two daughters and a business woman by profession.

I took up running some 6 years back when i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The doctor advised me to increase my cardio or weight gain would be a problem. That’s how the journey began.

A very dear friend – Sunil Somani – helped me and guided me and introduced me to KRR – the ultimate running group of Kolkata. There i got to meet the best runners who inspired me to work on myself.

My running is not about pace but endurance. I’ve learnt to face the sun, enjoy the rain and cold. My body has actually become weather proof.

By the grace of God i’ve managed to participate in many events. What started with slow jogging, walking and sometimes even pushing and dragging myself eventually led to few wins thats im proud of.

Two times, 2nd place in the Kolkata Police run.

2nd place in the IDBI 21k run

3rd place in the CSC run

And my personal best – 1st place in the IDBI 42k run in my age category. My  first ever full marathon.

I did a 50km ultra run – which is a whopping 50kms – in the border of Jaisalmer. A dream come true . The biting cold, unending horizons of sand, windmills, sunrise views and ever motivational fellow runners, made me do it.

I may not be the best runner around, but i do attempt to help and inspire the people around me to take up running. Whether I’m with friends or family or even with strangers that i met on the route – i encourage them to run a few steps in between walks.

 It almost feels like an unsaid duty to share the life altering experience that running has been for me. It’s given me friends like family, peace of mind and a sense control that i haven’t felt before.


A super supportive husband – who makes sure im out of the house every morning – and my proud kids and parents – give me the push every morning to wake up and get on my way.

So people take up running – not for the kms and the events but for your own happiness and sense of achievement.