Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022

Vikram Chhibber

2.35 hrs – Vikram Chhibber – 25 K

Vikram Chhibber is 41 years old, a hobby runner and an adventure freak and hails from city beautiful Chandigarh. Fondly called Chhibbs, he is a third generation from his family in the armed forces. Chhibbers’ interest in running grew into a passion after he achieved the pinnacle of this sport when he won the Gold Medal for standing First in the final cross country run during his initial training days at the Air Force Academy, Hyderabad. Running has been a regular affair for him since then in multiple events both in India and abroad.

Chhibber has run a number of marathons and has a personal best of 44 minutes in 10k, 1hr 43mins for HM and 4hr 28min for full marathon. He has run at Ladakh and at the Dubai marathon. Chhibber has also run the TSK 25 K 2019 edition as a pacer for the 2 hour 45 minute bus. This is his second time as a pacer in city of joy.

He has shown interest in pacing as he likes to motivate a team to run as a group and encourage novice runners to achieve their goals. For him personal bests are a matter of chance and not the end goal. What matters in end is the sense of satisfaction post a run. He professes that running is all about fitness of the body and the mind. His dream is to swim the English Channel one day.

Kolkata shares a special place in his life as the city happens to be his mothers birth birthplace. In addition to that, the city is a jewel of our country with a culture unmatched. He enjoys running the roads of this city and this is the second time he will be doing so and that too as a pacer again.

Chhibber is an Aeronautical engineer by profession. He has an inclination towards academics and is pursuing his Doctorate in Leadership. He is an avid sportsman and has participated at competitive levels in swimming, squash, golf, tennis and billiards to name a few. He believes in the following motto:-