Race Day: 15TH DEC, 2024
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Vidhi Agarwal, 

Vidhi agarwal, a trained sports  psychological Counceilliour and a life coach by profession ….married to my college friend and together we are parents of 2 wonderful children.I run my own NGO for senior citizen known at HOLDING HANDS in Kolkata. I’m a committed Runner and I hv trained over 50 runners from 1st timers to Boston qualifiers.my ethical ethos is to coach my runner as people first by self awareness and running second.I will give you tips on how to safely efficiently train for a marathon.I serve by giving 1-1 and group sessions and conducting seminars Running and swimming is my passion , I have participated in more than 20 half marathon and many 10k runs.Running is not just a physical Activity,it helps a lot in mental and emotional well being .muscles have memory so if you will practice,be consistent,speak to yourself and love what you do you can achieve anything .My journey into fitness started in 2015 .As a coach  my mission is to help all athletes and individuals through my service. Now I have come to pace you to a 65 minute finish your 10k , I will help you all to ease into a natural ,steady consistent Run. Thank you  

A trained sports psychological counselor and life coach, managing her own NGO for senior citizens called HOLDING HANDS in Kolkata.

With a passion for running and swimming, Vidhi has participated in over 20 half marathons and numerous 10k runs since her fitness journey began in 2015. She has trained over 50 runners, emphasizing a people-first approach through self-awareness.

Believes in the holistic benefits of running, emphasizing its impact on mental and emotional well-being. She stresses the importance of consistency, self-affirmation and passion in achieving fitness goals.

Aims to guide runners with a natural, steady, and consistent approach. Her coaching philosophy revolves around helping individuals ease into their runs, combining expertise from her coaching and personal athletic experience