Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022

Swatii Jain

As a proud and happy mother of two I started my running journey in the year 2019.. that is when I only used to run only 5kms because my main motive was to reduce weight.. few months later I was introduced to Salt Lake Runners where the love for running developed within me.. with the help of God coach mentor and friends I could achieve podium in hurdle race, Full Marathon, badminton.. I love Swimming, boxing , strength training..

I now proudly call myself a Marathoner.

My personal journey faces lots of up and downs as a full time Entrepreneur , and a mother I have to devote my honest full time to family and business both amidst running never got compromised..

I just wish Kolkata become more and more runner’s friendly.. Safety of runners should be taken care of..