Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022

Shrabantika Roy

A desire to broaden my outlook towards fitness while simultaneously strengthening my physical and mental abilities!

From 104 kgs to 63 kgs

From size 6XL to size M!

My mantra has always been “If I can, anybody can!”

Running, for me has been a journey to cherish and nurture with every passing day and every single run I do!

Raised in a typical Bengali middle class family, my relationship with food and fitness has always been tangled till my early twenties. An obsessed kid with 104 kg weight and overall 6xl size with body fat percentage of 40% and above, the realization stuck me hard only when my gynaecologist suggested that not even bariatric surgery could bring me back to active life!

Being a student of architecture, college days brought an immense change in my outlook towards fitness and the need to be physically in shape boosted my journey.

My mother had laid the foundation of this journey back in 2017 and has been one of the most strongest pillar of this journey eversince. From brisk walks to diets from mental motivation to small scolds, she has not left any stone unturned to motivate and bring out the best in me!

I took my baby steps towards fitness in 2017, by enrolling at a nearby gymnasium. Back then, there was no knowledge of HIIT, Isolated workouts, calisthenics. Simple crunches were like the biggest punishment of my life.

From hit and trials to sustainability,

From fad diets, to balanced eating,

From intensive cardio to heavy lifting,

The journey has been no less than a undulated graph…

But once I gained the momentum and confidence with a few inches and kilograms down the line, there was no looking back.!

Returning to hometown, Calcutta in 2019, I came across a bunch of enthusiast runners at gym who encouraged me to take up running to enhance my overall fitness!

Though it started with a motive to reduce weight and inches solely, eventually Running turned out to be the most holistic fitness approach!

In my small span of Running journey till date, I have been fortune enough to participate in various prestigious running events across the city  namely Airtel Run 2019(5km), TSK 2019(10km), XAVRUN 2019(10km),

SBI Green Marathon 2019 (10km),BRC Tata Structural Marathon 2019(10km-podium finish).

Unfortunately, the year ended with a serious shin bone injury, leading to complete stop in Running.

The time I got in between two years, i.e. 2020 &  2021, was completely dedicated to cross training and yoga with more sustainable approaches towards fitness!

Fortunately, I overcame all odds and returned to track with Aegeas Federal Full Marathon 2022 (21km) and that has been the farthest race distance I ever ran till date!

With each passing day, I have learnt to have faith, changing myself not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, changing the notion of “I cannot do” to ” I will do “.

I am blessed to be in proximity with a few people of this huge community who have been my true friends and guide in this beautiful yet messy journey!

Zeal to not give up and determination to go against all odds has always been my drive!

And now, with the return of TSK, 2022 after two long years and with an exciting pacer role, to play in this event, I am super excited to vibe up with the mass to pass the positive energy, to spread happiness and to bring the community together to enjoy running not only as a sport but also as a disciplinary approach to life!