Race Day: 15TH DEC, 2024
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Sania Khan  

“Push the sky higher, I am about to jump”.  
Running started as an excuse to hang out with friends. Even a mile seemed unachievable. People seldom took me seriously as a runner. Although I wasn’t happy about this situation, but even I never took my self seriously. One spark is all you need to generate fire. I got my spark after the moderate performance in the previous season. I had two options either continue the easy way, or challenge myself. It was the toughest decision in my journey.  The moment I challenged myself, nothing was same anymore. I had the sternest competition with myself. Every morning woke-up with a determination to rout myself. Sweat & Pain soon converted from resistance to compliments. Converting benchmarks to baseline became a process cycle. The mile which once seemed inaccessible was now in my stride. “The greatest achievement is defeating yourself and evolve, and keep the process perpetual”. I am humbled and privileged to get the unconditional support from my family and my respected Coach, everlasting reassurances from my NKR Family, and most importantly curated guidance from my mentor.  I strongly desire to contribute to the running community to my capabilities & knowledge.  

  • Starting as a casual runner, I transformed by challenging myself, moving from skepticism to a determined mindset, emphasizing the profound impact of personal challenges. 
  • My journey underscores the shift from seeking external validation to internal motivation. The daily commitment to surpass myself reflects a newfound drive to achieve personal goals. 
  • I'm grateful for the unwavering support from family, a respected coach, NKR Family, and a mentor. Their encouragement played a vital role in my journey towards success. 
  • Closing with a strong desire to contribute to the running community showcases my commitment to giving back, sharing knowledge, and fostering a supportive environment for others.