Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022

Saikat Chaudhuri

I started running at the age of 44. It just happened. I was never into sports before. My wife introduced me to Gym in 2013-14 where I started running on treadmill. Those days few of my colleagues used to run half marathon & I used to consider them superhuman.

I do not have too many running events under my belt as I cannot take out much time from my job. However, I have still managed to run in 06 Half marathons, two 25k, 07 Full marathons and 04 Ultra marathons. My longest run so far is 100k in an Air Force Ultra marathon in Mar 2021. Apart from the official events, I run the distance equivalent to my age every year on my birthday since the year I turned 50. I ran 52k on 28 Sep 22.  

I am fortunate to get exposure to different regions in the country. I have run in the deserts of Kutch and Pokhran, at Khardungla at an altitude of almost 18000 ft during winters where the day time temperatures were Minus 25 deg Centigrade and at the lovely trails in Meghalaya through dense forest and undulating hills.

I also enjoy long distance cycling. Recently I have picked up trekking and camping too.

My next dream is to run a 100 mile.