Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022

Roshni Guhathakurta

Born with clubbed foot abnormalities on both feet, later had to undergo major surgeries to rectify this condition. But that did not stop Roshni from achieving new milestones everyday. A green belt in Taekwondo, trained in kathak dancing and finally from being a casual jogger of 1km to running long distances nonstop upto 30km till date, she aspires to run a full marathon and many more! In her running journey of just 2 yrs, she has run many 10ks and half marathons in live events including Ageas Federal Kolkata Marathon twice, Hyderabad Marathon and TCS World 10k amongst many others. She is currently training under coach ultra runner Manish Vinod Jaiswal. 

Roshni is a mother of a six year old daughter. She started her journey of transformation after her child was born at the age of 33 when she had gained almost 89kgs. Initially through yoga, zumba and home workouts she got into an active lifestyle. Then finally she got into running in the year 2021 and there was no looking back. 

In the process Roshni lost more than 24 kgs weight in 3 yrs, and adopted a fit and disciplined lifestyle as well.  She also practices strength training, crossfit trainings thrice a week. She has been ambassador and influencers of many events and runs, including SkinEasi, Garmin Century Challenge etc. She has inspired many women and mothers in her locality, workplace, school and college even through various social media handles, to take up fitness as an quintessential part of their daily life. From being a full time mom, wife, daughter, an independent working woman last but not the least an empowered woman, she did it all.

Roshni is a B.Tech computer engineer with a post graduate diploma in IT Management, working in CESC Ltd for the last 13 years, currently in the position of Deputy Manager. 

She believes Paul Coelho quote-“when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” So never stop trying! Never stop believing. 

Social Media handles-

Instagram: run_with_rosh