Race Day: 15TH DEC, 2024
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Role of a Buddy


1. Participants in the participative category of Champions With Disability (CWD) at the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K require buddies to enhance their performance in a secure, safe, clean and fun manner. To ensure that buddies contribute in an optimum and capable way, below are parameters to help them towards their essential tasks.


2. The Aim of this document is to lay down Standing Operating Procedures for Buddies of participants in the CWD category at the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K.

Definition of Buddy

3. A Buddy is a “good friend” or “comrade” or “assistant” who establishes a personal connection with the participant to ensure that he/ she enjoys the event safely and securely, thereby enhancing the experience.

Types of Buddies

4. Buddies can fall into any one of the following categories: –

  1. Parent (any immediate relative)
  2. Guardian.
  3. Trainer/ Developer.
  4. Carer from his/ her Parent Organization.
  5. Volunteers.

Ratio-Buddy: CWD Participant(s)

5. One Buddy per CWD participant is the ideal combination. For CWDs who are not mobile or who have multiple disabilities, ratio will always be one Buddy to one Participant. However, the number of participants per buddy can be increased to two/three in case the disabilities are singular and manageable, and the persons are mobile. In any case, no buddy should register and be responsible for more than three CWD participants.

Responsibility of the NGO

6. Each NGO whose beneficiaries are participating in the CWD category must ensure that –

  1. The Buddies who are registering to accompany participants are suitable, able bodied and capable to fulfil race day responsibilities,
  2. All Buddies are informed of their responsibilities and have understood and agreed to undertake the same,
  3. At least one core member of each NGO also registers as a Buddy at the event. This core member will be responsible to ensure that all Buddies are fulfilling their roles diligently.

Roles and Responsibilities of Buddies

7. The role of the Buddy is to provide all support and care to the nominated participant(s) so that the CWD(s) are thoroughly involved in enjoying every second of race day in a safe, secure and pleasant manner.

8. The specific responsibilities of Buddies are given in the succeeding paragraphs.

9. Pre- Race Start

  1. Get to know the CWD.
  2. Become totally enmeshed in the CWD’s aspirations and desires.
  3. Link up and travel with CWD to the designated area within the event venue.
  4. Ensure that the CWD is properly kitted and prepared for the run.
  5. Ensure that a duly allotted bib is secured on the CWD participant and that all necessary details are written behind the bib in case of any emergency.
  6. Ensure that water/ juices, snacks, particular medicines and any other important items are available with CWD/Buddy.
  7. Establish communication/ contact and ensure that emergency procedures are understood by CWD and that the ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers are available with the CWD.

10. During the Start

Always be near the CWD at all times, whether at the holding area or on the CWD route. Never leave your CWD’s side from the time of leaving from home for the event venue, till such time the CWD reaches his/her home/required destination.

  1. Ensure that CWD is accompanied to any place where he / she would be alone, like the toilet, watering point, tea/ coffee point and so on.
  2. Be aware of the periodical requirements of the CWD and be prepared to cater for the same patiently.
  3. Keep all items of the CWD secure and safe.

11. During the Run

  1. Accompany your CWD participant(s) at all times. Be in visual and touch contacts.
  2. Ensure that your participant is appropriately geared for the event.
  3. Ensure that your participant does not come in contact with unsavoury and unwanted persons or elements, does not waver from the route, unless due to any emergency.
  4. Ensure hydration.
  5. Take all steps to ensure high visibility and participation but within the ambit of safety and security.
  6. Be aware of the special requirements of the CWD and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.
  7. Buddy in charge should remain in contact with the support system of Facilitator and Procam.
  8. Be aware of the capacity and capability of your participant so that over exertion and wash out does not occur. Where the participant does not want to continue the run, ensure that the participant is escorted back to the holding area and he/she is within your reach and view at all times.
  9. Be calm, cool and collected – and always be prepared with a smile.
  10. CWD should enjoy the event along with the buddy and they must share the joy together.

12. After the Run

  1. Ensure that your participants participate in the thrill and achievement of having completed an adventure.
  2. Do take as many photographs and memories which can be cherished in the future inside the CWD tent.
  3. Ensure that your participant visits the toilet and bathroom in a regulated and disciplined manner, with over watch always in place.
  4. Ensure that your participant gets requisite hydration and nutrition.
  5. Check that your participant is in proper health and in a calm state.
  6. Ensure that all belongings of your participant are safe and taken care off.
  7. Ensure safe journey back to CWD participant’s home/required destination.
  8. Ensure that the participant is handed over to his/her guardian/authorized person at home.


13. These instructions can be supplemented and complemented by rules and regulations of the participating groups as per their special requirements.

14. It is essential that there is adequate interaction between buddies and participants. While foregoing instructions are comprehensive, there is a requirement of a bonding to take place so that complete faith and trust is there in one another.

15. Aim should be “Enjoy while ensuring Safety and Security.”