Race Day: 15TH DEC, 2024
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Puja Jhunjhunwala

Behind the cheer and applause, the shout outs Pujaaa.. Pujaaa.., the kudos & accolades, lies a simple girl whose journey started from, meaningless gossips & endless walks during the lockdown period. I soon realized that those walks were generating equal amount of dopamine as the gossips with my friend. In order to reassure myself I took a few jogs & short runs. 
The feeling nurtured into an emotion. Without any professional guidance I started running with inappropriate gears, and not before long had to capitulate to my injuries. It was gods means to make me realize to do it the right way. My life was never the same again. The love for running with time developed into a passion. I Have witnessed countless ups and downs, but the momentum never stopped. I was blessed to stand on podiums on multiple occasions. Been ambassador & pacer in various prestigious events. But for me my uppermost reward is that I am able to hit the roads every morning. I shall always be grateful to almighty for rewarding me with this blissful life, and connecting me with people who have always encouraged me in this exhilarating Journey. Pace-up to the Rhythm of Life..

  • My journey into running commenced during the lockdown, a period marked by aimless gossips and leisurely walks, laying the foundation for a transformative experience. 
  • I stumbled upon the joy of running through personal experiences, realizing that simple activities like walks and gossips generated as much dopamine as my newfound passion for jogging and short runs. 
  • Facing injuries from improper gear, I learned the hard way about the importance of doing things right. This setback became a catalyst for growth, demonstrating my resilience and determination to improve in the pursuit of my newfound passion. 
  • While I've stood on podiums, served as an ambassador, and paced in prestigious events, the ultimate reward for me is the intrinsic joy of hitting the roads every morning. This reflects my genuine and deep love for running, transcending external accolades.