2nd edition of ‘Tata Steel Kolkata 25K’ to be held on 20th December, 2015 Increase in Prize Money & Course Record bonus to attract India’s finest runners Hugh Jones confirmed as Race Director

India’s first accredited 25K, will focus on encouraging Indian running talent, amateur men & women runners and any individual who needs a platform to showcase their ability, determination and self-belief to make their lives brighter and better. Race categories include the 25K (elite and amateurs), Open 10K (amateurs), Ananda Run (6 km), Sr. Citizens’ Run (4 km), and Champions with Disability (4 km), giving an equal opportunity to all individuals to participate and thus encouraging an active sporting lifestyle.

London Marathon Winner and Secretary of the Association of International Marathons & Road Races (AIMS), Hugh Jones has confirmed his involvement as the Race Director for east India’s biggest running extravaganza.

Jones, who also measures the course for the Olympics, has set guidelines, for the TSK 25K route and it will be finalized along with all relevant city authorities.

Announcing the 2nd edition of Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, “Mr Sunil Bhaskaran, Vice President Corporate Services, Tata Steel Ltd said, “Tata Steel is delighted to be associated with TSK25, eastern India’s largest running event. For us, this event is not just a sport but an opportunity to deepen our engagement with society at large for a noble cause. While the event adds to the pride and prestige of Kolkata and simultaneously promotes health and fitness, what propels us is the fundraising opportunity that an event of this magnitude provides”.

Speaking about the 2nd edition of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, Vivek Singh, Jt. MD, Procam International said,“Our endeavor is to strengthen the quality of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K year on year. In this edition we want to encourage the professional and amateur runners to continue challenging themselves and raise the spirit of Kolkata. By this we gradually enhance the race standards and make TSK 25K one of the most anticipated sporting events in Kolkata.”

On the occasion ,Shri Debasish Kumar, MMIC, Sports, Parks & Garden, Advertisement & Parking, Kolkata Municipal Corporation said, “We foresee the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K as being part of the annual calendar of events that the city can look forward to. With the 2nd edition, we are sure that more citizens will take to the streets and take up a cause dear to them that will help them rally to the finish line.”

Kamal Kumar Maitra, Hony. Secretary, West Bengal Athletic Association, said, “Tata Steel Kolkata 25K event unites runners from all age groups and get to experience the excitement, pain and joy of running together and completing a 25K. One of the highest prize money events exclusively for Indians in this category , the event will certainly give an additional boost to our athletes to vie for glory and compete against each other and perform at the highest level. WBAA is proud to be associated with TSK 25K and we are sure to see increase in participation numbers.

Increased Prize Money: As a boost to Indian athletes, the 2nd edition of the event will see an increase in the prize money, offering a total of Rs. 22,80,000. The top ten Elite athletes (men and women) in the 25K category stand to win attractive prizes. The first place winner will receive Rs. 2,50,000 followed by Rs. 1,75,000 for the second place while third place finisher will receive Rs. 1,00,000.

Additionally, the Elite 25K (men and women) athlete setting a course record stands a chance to win Rs 50,000. The men’s course record currently stands at 01:19:39 set by Nitender Singh Rawat and the women at 01:33:39 set by Kavita Raut.

The Open 25K (Amateur) runners are divided into seven segments based on their age – 35 to under 40, 40 to under 45, 45 to under 50, 50 to under 55, 55 to under 60, 60 to under 65 & 65 and above. And dividing Open 10K runners into six segments based on their age – 15 to under 25, 25 to under 35, 35 to under 45, 45 to under 55, 55 to under 65 & 65 and above.

TSK Kolkata 25K will also award the top two amateur runners (men and women) in each of the above segments with prizes of Rs. 15,000 and 10,000 respectively.

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