India Cares Foundation (‘India Cares’) believe CSOs contribute to building a more humane society. India Cares started in Bengaluru in the year 2000 with a small group of individuals coming together who wished to help CSOs build bridges with companies and the government. We first worked in and around Bengaluru as ‘Bangalore Cares’. In 2014, we changed our name to ‘India Cares Foundation’. We have begun to spread our activities in northern India. Since 2008,

1.35 lakhs individuals have donated

4000 Individuals fundraised

315 companies associated with 1300+ CSOs

95+ crores raised


A strong and vibrant CSO community especially based on public support.


To help build the humane society we all wish to live in, train CSOs to be vibrant, proactive and efficient and to enhance the quality of services, income and accountability of CSOs.

India Cares also works with Companies and other stakeholders to bring about the positive changes in the world we all wish to live in.

As a 'friend' we help CSOs and others wishing to engage with the sector and provide assistance in numerous ways!