Civil Society Organisations (CSO's) List

Amici Di Raoul Follereau - AIFO
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Mission: AIFO is commited to enhancing the quality of life for people affected by Leprosy and disabilities.

Fund Utilization Statement: Leprosy disease control, prevention of transmission to public, averting disability & consequences and healthcare for leprosy affected population living in remote & isolated geographical region of North Eastern states.

Ashwini Charitable Trust
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Mission: Our mission is to educate and empower underprivileged children from the urban slums of Bangalore.

Fund Utilization Statement: Fund will be utilized for education of children, providing adequate supplies to aid their education, providing nutritious food and safe environment to nurture their childhood, support groups and strong mentors to continue their education.

Bal Utsav
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Mission: Bal Utsav brings life-changing education to children in developing nations.

Fund Utilization Statement: The funds collected at TSK25K 2019 will be used to provide holistic intervention to revitalise Government schools in Urban and Rural India benefiting millions of children by making focussed and sustainable interventions in Infrastructure, Teacher Development, Scholarships, WaSH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene)

Barasat Unnayan Prostuti
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Mission: Ensuring rights of women and children through safeguarding. They are protected from all sorts of violence including human trafficking.

Fund Utilization Statement: To help improve psycho-social health, counseling, rehabilitation and Livelihood support to survivors of human trafficking

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Mission: Bhumi drives social change by fostering an environment where young adults & children learn, lead and thrive.

Fund Utilization Statement: All funds will go towards the education of underprivileged children in shelter homes and low-income communities

Cancer Foundation of India - CFI
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Mission: CFI is on a mission to bring down the risk of cancers and promote early detection to reduce premature cancer deaths.

Fund Utilization Statement: Funds will be for CFI Cancer Screening & Prevention Centre is Kolkata’s first and only community clinic providing FREE Cancer Screening and early diagnosis of Oral, Breast and Cervical Cancer to the underserved population by specialist doctors.

Concern India Foundation
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Mission: Education, health and community development in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Rajasthan

Fund Utilization Statement: The funds will be utilized to support our developmental work in the country

Isha Vidhya
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Mission: To make quality education accessible & affordable to the rural poor children.

Fund Utilization Statement: Your donation will go 100% towards creating critical infrastructure like school buses and/or providing scholarships to needy children.

The Coorg Foundation
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Mission: Swastha Centre caters to the Educational and Vocational needs of the differently abled in the district of Kodagu. The Centre basically caters to the weaker section of society.

Fund Utilization Statement: Early intervention programme for the differently abled in the age group of 0-6 is the prime need of the hour in Kodagu. Early identification providing suitable therapies will slow down the deterioration in the condition.

Habitat for Humanity India
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Mission: We are a non-profit organisation building strength, stability and self-reliance through affordable housing and sanitation facilities with a vision that this world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Fund Utilization Statement: Your gift will provide a girl with necessary hygiene and menstrual health support ensuring health, and helping her break free from shame and constraints.

Contai Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Ashram
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Mission: Works in the field of education, disability, Health, Social Service, Community Development, Elderly People.

Fund Utilization Statement: Funds will be utilised in Old age Home, Mobile Van and a Day Care Centre for disabled elderly

Tata Medical Centre Trust – TMC
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Mission: To support the treatment of underprivileged cancer patients at the hospital based on the needs of patients seeking support.

Fund Utilization Statement: The funds raised through TSK25K will go towards Phase2 expansion of the hospital to add 250 beds which will reduce wait times for treatment and bring cheer back to the lives of many underprivileged patients.

Paripurnata Halfway Home
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Mission: Paripurnata champions the cause of the marginalized mentally ill women and strives for their mainstreaming.

Fund Utilization Statement: The fund will be utilized to supplement the gap in sustaining the ongoing project, Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Mentally Ill Women, running expenses of the Halfway Home.

Bolpur Ukilpatty Suchetana
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Mission: Mainstreaming of underprivileged children, providing a secured place to stay safely with all needed facilities.

Fund Utilization Statement: Project funds to established a hostel for girls in child labour, vocational traniing for girls on street for their safety and secure future.

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Mission: Goonj addresses neglected needs and issues of rural masses, like Water, Education, and Livelihood by involving the urban and rural masses and re positioning urban surplus material beyond charity as a powerful resource for bringing development with dignity.

Fund Utilization Statement: Winter is an annual disaster for people who have little to brave through it. The funds raised will be utilized to raise more awareness across urban India about this predictable annual disaster, to ensure more woolens can be reached to village communities in remote Indian villages.

Paryavaran Mitra
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Mission: Paryavaran Mitra’s main objective is to work in the direction to Prevent Air, Water, Land and Sound Pollution, so as to make this world a better place to live for our future generations.

Fund Utilization Statement: Planting of trees and maintaining to same, awareness messages on environment protection holding Seminars/Workshops for creating the awareness.

SNP+ - South 24 PG Network of People Living With HIV/AIDS
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Mission: SNP+ works to improve quality of life of people affected with HIV/ AIDS, spread information to marginalised and vulnerable population about HIV and sensitize society against discrimination.

Fund Utilization Statement: Funds will help improve the life of People Living with HIV/AIDS, in improving all aspects of their lives.

Blue Star Foundation
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Mission: Blue Star Foundation supports various activities in education and health, supports women and children, senior citizens, disability and environment.

Fund Utilization Statement: Towards the sponsorship and financial assistance of academically and financially deserving students from Government recognised engineering/ architectural colleges, under the Mohan T Advani Centennial scholarships.

Motivation India
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Mission: The right wheelchair in the right way can transform a life. Motivation India works with people with mobility disabilities across India by providing customized and appropriate wheelchairs.

Fund Utilization Statement: Improve mobility, independence and confidence of 500 persons with disabilities by providing customised wheelchairs and peer training.

Sambhav Foundation
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Mission: To create an inclusive society to empower disadvantaged youth and persons with disability, through Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

Fund Utilization Statement: Saadhya- to enable livelihood of specially-abled children. Saakshi- vocational training program to help adult women. Saksham- training and up-skilling to empower men, women & youth.

Bithari Disha
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Mission: Working to provide safe drinking water in North 24 Parganas, the water of this area is full of Arsenic & bacteria due to sanitation blocks constructed unscientifically and floods, a common occurrence cause mixing of salty sea water in fresh water ponds

Fund Utilization Statement: BithariDisha needs fund to build 120 more toilets and provide a mobile Water ATM to stop usage of drinking water by the families for other household requirements

Social Touch And Reform
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Mission: To provide Sr.Citizens a good comfortable years of living in their old age by constructing ‘TANPURA’ a Home with all facilities needed.

Fund Utilization Statement: Funds will help contruction of the elders home in the land we have purchased at Bolpur-Santiniketan.

Dantan Manav Kalyan Kendra – DMKK
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Mission: Bringing forth the issues of common concern in our Society to the forefront and seek action from various stakeholders.

Fund Utilization Statement: Funds will provide support to our Womens empowerment inititatives.

Noah’s Ark
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Mission: Inclusive Education, Social & economical growth for the Disabled Children through innovative interventions, facilitation, capacity building and sustainable holistic development.

Fund Utilization Statement: Funds will be utilised in our inclusive school to support the disabled students requirements