Race Day: 15TH DEC, 2024
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Meenal Dwivedi     

  • If three words should define our Pacer Meenal- they are grit, perseverance and passion because that's precisely what it took to transform her from a fitness enthusiast to an inspiring marathon runner and further to a popular Fitness Propagator popularly known as 'Fitness Krantikaari' 
  • Meenal Dwivedi Tripathi is aTextile Engineer by qualification, an Educationist and a Fitness Activist by passion. 
  • An Avid long distance runner, marathoner and Lucknow's first female ultra runner. She is been running for past 10 years now. 
  • Meenal has been Podium finisher several times in her category in many popular and reputed running event's. 
  • She has been a Pacer in many prestigious Marathons like ADHM,SBI GREEN, Amity and many more. 
  • She is Garmin sports Influencer for Uttar Pradesh, Saucony Shoes India, Fast & UP are the brands she is associated with. 
  • She has also been associated with large number of reputed running event's and Marathons as an Ambassador and influencer 
  • She is a Corporate wellness consultant too and is actively contributing fitness oriented projects pan India 
  • Meenal is an avid traveler, Trek enthusiast, Yoga follower and a corporate wellness consultant too.
  • She aspire to engage people to Walk, Jog Run, Strength- Train, follow Yoga and Eat healthy and to adopt an active & healthy lifestyle. 
  • She is Actively Engaged in establishing and supporting "Fitness groups" around her and creating environment conducive to recreational running event's.