Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022

Harsha Pandey


My T-shirt size :- S

Waist:- 28

Brief bio:- 

Mrs Harsha Banthia is an avid runner from Kolkata and has been actively participating in running events across the country since past 6 years.

She has been  a podium finisher at various events, to name some- the Kolkata trail run (2016 & 17), Xavier run 21k (2021)And participated in few international marathons in Dubai, Abu dabi,RAK.

She is a certified marathon coach from ACSM. 

Besides running, she is a Yoga Expert and has designed a Yoga program for runners.  

Harsha is an internationally certified Yoga Acharya and Msc. in Yoga. She is also a Sound Healer and a functional trainer. Practionor of KALARIPAYATTU and Animal Flo.

Due to her interest in sport and fitness she founded  Samartha – Conscious Living (Yoga and wellness initiative).