Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022

Amol Gill

Physical fitness is intrinsic to our professional life. However running was always limited to passing our physical tests involving a 5 km run every three months and running cross country upto 12 km. 

I took up long distance running in 2018 primarily due to the media blitz around it and the craze that had built up in the metropolitan cities around it. I ran my first Half Marathon in New Delhi in Feb 2018 without any training and I finished with a time of 1.46. This spurred me on to take to long distance running and I have been addicted to it ever since. I have run 10 HMs and 02 FMs ever since and I have started training properly to include strength training and nutrition. My PB for HM is 1.32.08 at ADHM 2019. 

I aim to run at least one of the World Marathon Majors as also graduate to Ultra Marathon running in the near future.I have paced my friends and fellow runners during unofficial events but this is the first time I am getting to pace at a mega event like the TSK25. 

I have been given the responsibility to bring in the 2.20 bus at TSK25K and I am targeting a time of 2.17.30 to 2.19 to cater for any minor contingencies as also difference in Watch time and competition time. I plan to achieve this goal by starting at a slow and steady pace and maintain that till the 15 km mark, and then slowly increase the pace with negative splits for the last 10 km. Hydration is key to the humid weather of Kolkata and I will keep that in mind while pacing the bus. I look forward to making my bus have an enjoyable run while meeting their timing goals. The aim is to reach the finish line within time and with big smiles.