Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022

charity programme

The Tata Steel Kolkata 25K has an all-inclusive charity program through which everyone (be it an individual or corporate or run clubs) can get involved in supporting a charity/cause of their choice and raise funds for the same. The event provides a unique opportunity to not only promote healthy living but an opportunity to give back to society and create a positive impact in the lives of others. Be a part of something bigger, influencing and involving your friends, family, and people all over the country. Here are a few reasons you should support a charity/cause in this edition of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K.

Finding motivation
Running is a path of self-discovery, and so is creating a positive impact in the lives of someone in need. Supporting a cause and raising money for them is a deeply emotional and personal experience. Magic occurs when these two individual journeys/choices embrace one another. You are more motivated to run when you are aware that you are not only pursuing personal objectives but also a worthwhile cause.

Additional* benefits
Fundraising and supporting a cause, though fun, is not always easy. The Tata Steel Kolkata 25K applauds and recognises your efforts and provides gratification exclusive to individual fundraisers, corporates, run clubs.

  • Recognition by the platform and the supporting Cause/NGO
  • Official Event Kitting
  • Cheer points on the route
  • Fundraising Tips
  • Invitation to Ancillary Events such as Carbo-Loading Fest, Beyond the Finish Line.
  • Race Day Benefits
  • Recognition in Event Dockets and on social media

* Depending upon the number of funds raised by individuals, corporates, and NGOs. Please see the charity structure for more details.

Every charity runner will find their project here. Your contributions will help people far and near, in the short term and the long term. Now that you know which charity/cause you want to support, here’s how you can do it..


Start Fundraising

Get your Corporate Team on board

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You can help even with a single step in the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K. Set up your fundraiser! Run United!

For information, write to enquiry@uwkolkata.org or log on to https://marathon.uwkolkata.org/.