Tata Steel Kolkata 25K - 18th December 2022


Tata Steel Kolkata 25K is the world’s leading 25K every year about distances, hours, endurance and fitness? Or is there a bigger picture: about people, place and times.

The Tata Steel Kolkata 25K is about rhythms: the individual and the collective. And nothing evokes the latter better than the wondrous city of Kolkata. There’s a new rhythm in the air: of the slap of tread patterns on asphalt; heavy breathing; the cheering of crowds; the tempo of dhunuchi dancers; the emotions of participants and elation of individual triumphs. It’s moments strung together in a celebration of humanity.

And it is this celebratory spirit at the heart of the TSK25K that is evoked on race day. A celebration not just of runners, but of people at large: fundraisers to volunteers; armed forces to city authorities; local artists to sporting greats; from all walks of life; young and elderly. Not just along the race route, but from the four corners of the city and further. TSK25K embodies the emotions this unique event evokes, in the city that’s its home, the city called Kolkata.

There’s a saying in Bengal. Baro mashe, tero parbon (13 festivals in 12 months). This is one festival that celebrates the sporting spirit of the city and its people.

It’s however been two years unlike any other. And now a new year is upon us. A new emotion fills us: things will be better from here.

The test of fire has turned the iron in us to steel. And here we are. A resolute people. Eager to start and ready to overcome. Because we take whatever life throws at us. And make something better of it.

So lets celebrate the possibility, determination, joy & belief.

Run on your own. Run together. Run for a cause. 

Tata Steel Kolkata 25K,